FHF SWLA’s School Supply Drive is for families with a child receiving special education services who are in need of basic school supplies.  In order for your family to meet eligibility requirements for this year’s school supplies, a parent/guardian must attend at least one of the trainings listed below. You MUST register to attend and bring a CURRENT Individual Education Plan (IEP) with you when you come to the workshop to be eligible to receive your child’s supplies.  No CURRENT IEP, No School Supplies! To register click on the flyer below and then click on the link for the workshop you wish to register for.  If you have questions or need assistance to register please call or email Families Helping Families (337) 436-2570 • 1-800-894-6558 •

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Click here to register for webinar - Anatomy of an IEP
Families Helping Families of SWLA in collaboration with Louisiana Parent Training & Information Center is co-hosting a FREE online Webinar!
Join us online for webinar - Anatomy of an IEP!
Anatomy of an IEP - Like a biology student, this presentation will dissect the parts of the IEP document and examine their functions individually, learning their meanings and application. It will provide constructive and practical tips to help create an IEP that supports all of the student's needs. We will explore the parent’s role in the IEP process and learn the basics of their child’s right to special education services, the process of developing special education plans, and the parent’s role.
Date: Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Time: 10:30 am – 11:30 a.m.
Audience:  Parents, Caregivers, and Professionals of School-Aged Children/Students.
Registration link:
To access or participate in the online webinar you need to have the "GoToWebinar" app on your smartphone, ipad, tablet, or just use your desktop/laptop computer!
"GoToWebinar" app can be downloaded for FREE from google play store or itunes app store.
If you have questions on how to access or how you can participate in this online webinar contact Wallace at (337) 436-2570 or 1-800-894-6558.