About Us

Raising a child with a disability or living with a disability can be overwhelming for many. Families Helping Families of Southwest Louisiana is here to help you not be so overwhelmed. Our trained, experienced staff are parents or family members of individuals with disabilities or individuals with disabilities themselves. They have walked in your shoes and dedicated to helping you navigate the service delivery systems we all often depend on in order to get the services and supports our loved ones need.

Our mission is to enable and empower individuals with disabilities and their families by providing information, referral, education, training, peer support and advocacy skills.  Our vision is that all individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to attend school, live, work and play in their own community.

Let us be your “one-stop shop” for all things disability related!
Serving individuals with any type of disability, any age, and their families

All services are free of charge!

We are Families Helping Families….It’s Who We Are…It’s What We Do!

Families Helping Families SWLA is the only family directed resource center in Southwest Louisiana. Families Helping Families SWLA is a unique agency that can answer specific questions about disabilities from our own personal experiences and lend a supportive and helping hand to families living with disability issues.  Only at FHF SWLA can one get information from another parent or individual with a disability that has accessed the SAME services and learned firsthand how to navigate the many different service systems.

We serve over 2000 families each year who are seeking information and referral about specific disabilities and services in the community, education advocacy assistance, systems change advocacy assistance, peer support and other specifics related to various disabilities.

Why you may want to attend a Families Helping Families Workshop…..

“Information was eye opening for me!”
“Very informative. Very clear, concise and speaker did a superb job of making this learner friendly!”
“Very friendly and open atmosphere!”
“The speaker was wonderful!”
“Excellent info from presenter and participants!”
“Speaker was knowledgeable and approachable!”
“She was incredibly well spoken, very knowledgeable, and so thorough; while it is involved information it was understandable; Having the professionals from varying fields was an added and unexpected bonus; Hearing what is going on in the school is both encouraging and helpful!”

We are Families Helping Families….It’s Who We Are…It’s What We Do!